Summer 2020 Social Innovation Challenge


25 يونيو 2020

Impact For Development and Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) are jointly organizing the First Moroccan Youth Innovation Summer Challenge (2020). This challenge is an online coaching program that aims at finding/empowering candidates with innovative and interesting ideas about how to contribute to local, national and international sustainable development.

In this first edition, the focus would be on the following challenges:


We need your help to think about the future of learning!

The aim is to have high-school students develop rich content about a learning content and present it to their peers in an innovative way. The developed material should have the potential to be used in online educational collaboration.


The Covid-19 pandemic showed us the importance of being prepared when a health crisis hits the country. What measures can be undertaken by Morocco to boost the healthcare system and make it prepared or help it quickly recover from such a crisis?


The recession caused by Covid-19 shows that the Moroccan economy is very vulnerable. What solutions can make our economic actors more resilient or what measures can strengthen businesses especially in the post-pandemic world?

Public Service

There are several areas of public services in Moroccan that certainly need significant improvement in order to help achieve the targets of Sustainable development. Give us one example of what needs to change and how to implement the change.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can affect every aspect of our life and can help create a more sustainable world. Share a concrete example on how technology can contribute to the sustainable development of your city or village.

Candidates profile:
The challenge is open to high school k-12 (Baccalaureate) from any field. Candidates can apply individually or in group of a maximum 4 students.

Application process:
The application process is made of two steps:

  • Applicants should prepare a proposal for their idea and submit it by July 3rd. Participants can also optionally prepare 4 minutes maximum pitch by recording their narration on a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The best 50 project ideas will receive a two-week program of coaching and monitoring to help them develop their ideas and showcase their projects.
  • The online coaching will take place between July 10 and 24th. It will be offered by Al Akhawayn experts. Exact dates/times of sessions will be communicated later.
Outstanding projects will be awarded, and will be considered for further research and implementation with partner universities and institutions.